Businessman is a ball acrobat who juggles profitability, equity and cash balance in his hands. Profit and equity is a rubber ball where as cash balance is an iron ball. When you drop a rubber ball, it bounce back on the ground, enters the game again and the game continues. When the iron ball falls to the ground, the game stops.

The capability to use different doses of new financial instruments according to company structure is a result of the knowledge and experience. Should not leave up to chance.

The market offers a large number of tools and solutions for every financial need and every financial structure. SnP financial services, is managed by partners and leaders who have many years of experience in the sector. SnP financial advising strictly focuses on the iron ball.

  • It is an analysis method aims to test financial structure of the company, equity, foreign resources and its sustainability.

    Standards and Partners, analyses the formation of higher interest costs due to irregularities in working capital management within companies. Then, tries to estimate the long-term financial downturn in the company.

  • From banks and other credit institutions point of view, the most critical point is their communication with their funding clients. This communication is only possible by speaking the same language and by looking at issues from the same perspective.
    Our partners who have a deep-rooted experience in banking successfully carry out necessary banking reporting process for banks and other financial institutions.
    You do not bear the cost of recruiting a former banker in your organization; you can get this service from our team.

  • Our partners ensure dialogue with banks on debt maturities, interest rates, and interest quantity by checking the market and company’s cash flow.

    They attend to meeting as a representative of company to acquire the most advantageous position.

  • Fluidity of capital elements between markets have increased to high levels in the global world. As a result, it becomes irrelevant from which market or institution you fulfill your funding needs. In today’s economic conditions it is possible to raise funds from a bank in Australia. Therefore, finding the most suitable credit region has become the key requirement of competition.


    Currency risk is important an issue in Turkey. Therefore, borrowing foreign currency from is always a risk. However, the transaction volume has not developed due to hesitation that foreigners do not want to give TL credit.


    On the other hand Standards and Partners aims to provide funds from global markets by reducing risks.