Weath and Family Companies Management

  • Family constitutions are the key of permanence and continuity.
    With family constitution each individual knows in which position they will serve in the future, for which mission they are grown and when to enter the game. Whether they accept or do not accept. What should be done when they

    do not accept?
    All these are the issues that should be clarified in family constitution.
    Do family members sometimes defeated by their human feelings?  Marriages, separations, deaths, births may threaten the peace? Why one is different than another? Is the other’s standard of living attractive?
    Standards and Partners foresee that all potential problems could be prevented by Family Constitutions. A healthy family constitution will eliminate all these potential problems and allows you to continue in the peace.

  • Durability and Sustainability are tough issues

    Changing economic conditions, changing technology, changing consumer preferences, changing administration and production methods, changing financial tools, changing competitive rules…

    The World is ever-changing at a great pace. What we know gets out of date so much faster now.  Where do we stand in this change? How long we can keep our business as it is? Or should we?

    Standards and Partners analyzes the course your industry may take in the next years with its detailed future perspective. As a result of this analysis, defines and suggests the position you should take

  • If permanence and sustainability are not the point, how to prepare for the future? What kind of projection for new generation? What kind of education aim?
  • Wealth is a return of the long struggle and success in the business.

    How this wealth should be transferred to the next in the way? To whom the wealth management should be left? Is it useful to use the foundation system?

    Standards and Partners enable us to search for the answers to these questions together with our partners who have the necessary experience and academic knowledge


If the person is good at planning there is no chaos. Only simplicity. Thus, tension and stress stays away.

Lao Tzu

There is a way when you plan your future. Predicting the future and create projections accordingly always enlighten the path that companies take.

Standards and Partners provides the vision you need for these projections with the help of a broad visionary team


Blood bond and brotherhood is superior than written company rules.” Is it true or wrong? Should we protect the future with rules?

Every company was born, grows but does not die. Management perception assumes that enterprise lifetimes are infinite. Market conditions, the course of economy, financial shrinking and similar autonomous extrinsic effects may threaten the existence of enterprise. However, intrinsic forces are much more destructive. When you check your memory, you remember how big companies fall into a difficult position and usually collapse after the death of their leaders. Bad intentions of new generation or partners are not the point here. The point is these people do not know how to take position at such situations and act according to self-defense motives. With marriages familes grows and establish links and dependencies with other families.

In order to eliminate the biggest threat for permanence and sustainability, intrinsic threats, rules must be put into practice and these rules must be embraced

Next Generation Planning

The growth rate of the company? Development and conglomerates
possibilities? How to set up a basic structure and how many people are needed?

The growth rate of the company? Development and conglomerates
possibility? How to set up a basic structure and how many people are needed? Do you have enough people to put in key positions?

Standards and Partners recommend planning your future generations with the team carrying out same work in other family companies. SnP gives you advice and guidance on these issues


Plan B Saves Lives

Directors of big major companies, top brass do not travel in the same plane. They try to obtain the sustainability of management in any condition. But sometimes it may be impossible to evade it. An institutional firm must consider that and have a plan B. At such situations, some scenarios must be operated and we advise you to have a Plan B which is developed for you by Standards and Partners.


Like any company, selection of the manager in the family company is vital. But the family business manager may seek to get support from unbiased party when it comes to the selection of the manager.

Standards and Partners stand equidistantly to all family members and recommends candidates for senior management. While doing this always prioritize the interests of the company. Selection will be done by family members after suggestion of candidates..