Companies purchase/produce and SnP organizes the rest. SnP generates services in other fields apart from sales, marketing and purchasing.

Managers are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in their fields.

Managers use their time efficiently and delegate the jobs.

Many expert professionals would be included at your staff with minimal cost

Standard and Partners issues just an invoice instead of wages, social security contributions, income tax withholding, severance and notice pay.

Standards and Partners adopt the delegated work as company’s own staff.

Standards and Partners do not recommend you any unneeded service.

-Confidentiality: Standard and Partners take necessary measures for the protection of customer information that can be disadvantageous in terms of competition, trade secrets, information shared with us but not disclosed to the public.

-Competition: Standards and Partners always respect all staff and colleagues working in strong opponent of ours like KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, EY, BDO, Grant Thornton and many more companies. However, SnP searches new and creative ways to generate better service with more reasonable prices than its opponents.

SnP aims to have a more active role on business dynamics as a partner. This is our aim to have a fair competition while achieving these goals.