C-Level Executives and Businessmen must hire consultants for local and international taxation. Most of the time, even if they run tax experts in their area, they need a professional to correct tax transactions. This is necessary for both Businessmen and C-Level Executives to assure themselves.

Standards and Partners provide tax advice directly at PARTNERLER level. Due to their sensitivity, our colleagues at the other level can not directly provide advice on taxation until the partner level. For this reason, the supply of consulting is limited and is “exclusive”.

The tax consultation is conducted exclusively by the Tax Inspectors, the Finance Inspectors and the Revenue Inspectors who have conducted the highest tax examination in the state and have been in charge of the tax administration in the preparation of the laws.

One method that large taxpayers often resort to is to employ more than one tax advisor to provide the necessary cross-checks and increase tax security levels in this way. Some companies may look cold on this type of cross-consulting. However, Standards and Partners take an active role in this type of structuring.

It is a service produced directly by tax partners. As tax matters require high level of confidentiality, the secretary, assistant, etc., it is not about informing people.

The views are the opinions of experts who have conducted tax audit and tax administration in the Ministry of Finance, directed taxation, and then continued to work in the private sector with the title of Certified Public Accountant.

YMM, which will prepare the opinion, will gather the opinion of the SNP Advisory Commission if it sees it, and will form a view that will not cause any hesitation.

If there is a member who does not agree with the opinion, the opinion is formed by specifying other opinions.

At first glance it gives the impression that you are in a situation where it is illegible to tax, but on the contrary, tax planning often leads to what the lawmaker wants. The investments you make, the investment zone, the exceptions you can not use, the incentive system you do not consider, and so forth are part of your tax planning. However, the structure of the business or the holding is directly influenced by the position tax.

The Standards and Partners take the necessary precautions for taxpayers’ full payments, but they reduce the most in the framework of tax planning and the taxable legal possibilities to be paid.

Tax planning is sometimes needed on an international basis. Businesses must also plan their taxes in detail, taking into account the “Double Taxation Prevention Agreements” in their international transactions.

Standards and Partners identify the link between taxation at every point on the globe and the Turkish Tax System and recommend it to operate the appropriate tax structure.

Establishment of Standards and Partners, the transfer pricing policy in the matter of preparation of the reporting required is the leading agency in Turkey.

In particular, it provides transfer pricing services to the largest institutions within the top 10 of the country in terms of transfer pricing. The feature of this service is that it can be produced with advanced taxation, finance and business knowledge.

Standards and Partners, transfer pricing service Information and experiential taxpayers who have been executive directors of the Taxpayer Tax Administration are being carried out by at least master level operators and financiers.

Full Certification Services

Within the scope of the Law No. 3568 on Independent Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Certified Public Accountants, the companies that request according to the law have the right to inspect the accounting records in the accounting periods as a Certified Public Accountant. This audit, conducted by members of the profession, is accepted as an audit by the Ministry of Finance staff.

Indeed, unchecked tax accounts can have devastating effects and cause unpredictable results. This is an important argument, and in this simple example this destructiveness is revealed;

A tax liability of TL 1,000 per year and an amount of TL 24.215 per annum with an inaccurate reason which has started 5 years ago and still continues can result in a penalty for smuggling and interest payment. This corresponds to an incomplete payment of TL 1,000 each year. If the amount paid in deficit is 10.000.000 TL, the amount required for payment is 240.215.000 TL. This is an example of the lethality and destructiveness of some tax mistakes. This is an example of why C-Level Managers and Businessmen need to be sensitive to tax matters.

Other Certification Services

Determining that the capital is paid
Determination of common receivables to be added to capital
Determination of undistributed retained earnings
TÜBİTAK – TEYDEB YMM Evaluation and approval of project expenditures
Appropriateness of the positive differences in equity items in the inflation adjustment report to the capital attestation report
Procedures for certification of exceptional gains from corporation tax
Procedures for approval of account status documents for letters of credit and letters requested from banks
Production Confirmation Report under the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) Law
Other transactions taken and / or taken in accordance with the Law no. 3568 and Tax Procedure Law
VAT Invoice

The VAT system is often a tax that leaves a burden on businesses with different rates and exceptions. It is the practice of returning VAT to the taxpayer in order to prevent this burden caused by the exception and rate differentiation from remaining on the enterprises.

On the other side, the system designed to abuse the VAT return system and prevent a wide range of tricks has become quite complex.

Standards and Partners analyze companies’ arrangements and registration systems to make them compatible with the VAT return system, and revise the tax and accounting structure accordingly.

The Standards and Partners solution partner shall be deemed to be the fastest possible through YMMs in accordance with the rules set forth by these amendments.

VEDOP, VEDOP 2 and Data Ambiguity Projects implemented by revenue authorities have shaped the electronic financial data flow for the years 2000. Almost all financial life has been transferred to electronic affairs. The selection of the reviews was left to the MERAK program. Even in the examinations themselves, the examiners often start examining without a notebook. Because all the information needed for the inspection is already in the fragmented data warehouse. In other words, the data and methods of proof of tax credits have been circulated since the year 2000 and most of them have started to be made through the electronic record system.

Review Process

– Tax Collection and Proofing

– Compliance with Law

– Linking to the Report

– Reconciliation

– Tax Cases

Tax Review Accompanying

According to a Turkish saying, “The most expensive tea is a tidbit of the tax inspector.”

At each stage of the Standards and Partners tax audits, it is accompanied only with the highest level taxpayers who have received the title of Chief Auditor only in the public and have conducted tax audits several times. Defend the rights of taxpayers. During the review period, the C-Level Manager or Businessman periodically reports on the situation and provides information on the possible consequences of the review.

Tax Inspector in Turkey carefully selected with heavy examinations, have received a very good education, well-trained, talented people are.

For this reason, establishing the same power balance for the examinations and ensuring that a former tax auditor is accompanied by a review is the basis for a sound tax review process.

Tax Review Report Evaluation Commission

It is a service offered to evaluate the reports written in tax inspectors by YMM and a commission composed of lawyers.

The aim of this service is to evaluate the structure of the examination in terms of procedural and fundamental aspects and to form a road map.

The SnP Report evaluation committee analyzes the weak and strong points of the report. It evaluates the results and informs the court whether to proceed or reach a consensus.

Tax Disputes and Court Advocations

There is no other way to go for the tax disputes, the court order for tax that is incurred and can not be reconciled. The application to the tax courts depends on the duration, and this period is disqualified.

Tax disputes start at the tax courts and are a long process that ends in the district administrative courts and the Council of State.

While advocates are preparing, the historical development of the tax incidence, the letter, the spirit, the reason of the law, the applications of the matter, the opinions it has given, all have critical prescriptions individually. But more important is dominance of judicial jurisprudence and previous court decisions.

Standards and Partners work with proven tax advisors and lawyers on tax evasion. Template defenses are never used when defenses are in place. Private defense is prepared. The allegations and related evidence before the defense are identified and discussed by a team of tax collectors and lawyers and the direction of their work is determined for the defense preparation process. In the final stages, the work is re-examined and the defense is prepared with the approval of the entire team.

Standards and Partners advocates make taxpayer incidents easier to understand using visual materials, not just written.

Expertise, knowledge and experience are the feet of the Standards and Partners on tax disputes.