Service Design by Company Structure

Standards and Partners produce needs-based integrated services based on the needs of different company structures.

Basic Company

Services such as Accounting, Tax, Payment-Rolling, Reporting, which are necessary for the establishment and maintenance of a company, are the basic and mandatory services that need to be taken.

Comfortable Company

These are the services in which the growth step is taken in order to meet the needs of a company in the stage of conviction that success will be achieved and the decision to develop.

Dynamic Company

They are the services for young companies that have proven their existence and become a good actor in the economy and become more agile market players by acquiring more advanced technologies.

Sustainable Company

They are the services that enable companies to keep up with the changing world after they mature and eliminate the problems of management and ensure that they can continue forever.

Who is Standarts and Partners?

Standards and Partners is simply the local support of C-Level executives and business people to produce international solutions. It is a group of people capable of producing creative technology, good taxation, serious supervision and wise advice. These capabilities improve the immune system of companies, and managers and business people are strengthened safely in a comfortable business life. This mission is the source of our power.

Meet Our Partners

Meet our partners who bring a deep perspective to your business with their vast experience. Regardless of their cultural, professional or background, our partners have many things in common: the same passion to challenge traditional thinking, the same passion to solve complex problems, the passion to experience different areas and to please you.


Why Standards and Partners is Different?

We present a local support of C-Level executives and businessmen for international solutions. It is a community of people capable of producing good taxation, serious supervision and wise advice. These capabilities improve the immunity system of the companies, especially Turkish executives and Turkish businessmen are strengthened with confidence in a comfortable working life.

“This mission is the source of our power. “

With latest technologies, it offers low-cost service compared to global competitors.

It is a corporate hospital that meets many needs of a company from a single point.

Standards and Partners use technology to design agile and comfortable companies

Standards and Partners companies are embraced by the sense of businessmen.

Standards and Partners do not offer any services that companies do not need

Companies buy, produce, sell and organize the rest Standards and Partners

As a result, the business world is committed to a comfortable and agile business life.

Who Prefer Us?


Standards and Partners take the necessary measures to protect customer information, trade secrets, and information that has not yet been disclosed to the public, which may create a competitive disadvantage.


Standards and Partners respect the service management of international competitors. However, it always tries to develop more creative methods to produce better and reasonable service from them.


Standards and Partners aim to engage customers more actively at partner level in the business dynamics. It aims at fair competition with competitors in achieving these goals.

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