Continuous Tax Consultancy

  • C-Level Executives and Businessmen must employ local and international taxation advisors.


  • Most of the time, even if they employ tax specialists, they need a professional for the accuracy of tax transactions.


  • This is necessary for both businessmen and C-Level Managers to secure themselves.
  • Standards And Partners provides tax advice directly at PARTNER level.


  • Due to the sensitivity of the issue, our colleagues at the other level cannot directly advise on taxation up to the partner level.
  • Therefore, the supply of consultancy is limited and “exclusive”.
  • Tax consultancy is carried out only by Tax Inspectors, Finance Inspectors and Revenue Controllers who have conducted the highest level tax inspection in the state and have administrative duties in the preparation of laws and tax application.


  • One method frequently used by large taxpayers is to employ more than one tax adviser to provide the necessary cross-checks and to increase the level of tax security.


  • Standards And Partners take an active role in such matters.
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