Investment consulting

Investment consulting

Standards and Partners’ core business approach is to go beyond the existence of standard services, and to own the business. In this way, in which legal arrangements the work done on the basis of needs will cause hesitation, the possibility of damaging the cooperations, compliance with local public order and national regulations, state permission, license, and competence in public relations process passes the right director to explain the job correctly. The main starting point for this is to ensure the suitability of the workflow prior to action. The purpose of Standards and Partners is not to be a bridge, but to be a permanent and permanent partner for the right business. Standards and Partners do not see regulations as limitations, but on the contrary, they open the door to lasting success to their clients who see the necessity of cooperation to compete in a dynamic structure. For this purpose, assurance content regulation for operational risk, public relations management-permission and license preparations in the projects whose activities are regulated, financial, fintech and other regulation also regulated for the enterprise in regulated sectors and public relations process management, activity consultancy for the regulation risk elimination for unregulated enterprises Provides services under the headings of establishment, pre- and post-strategic partnership, merger acquisition, investment process and compliance management for fintech companies.

Another key objective of Standards and Partners is to support beyond the clichés for entrepreneurs and investors. Our company empathizes on behalf of the parties, knows that the basic accelerator is to communicate and does not allow the blockage of processes or events.

The purpose of Standards and Partners is to enable the parties to conduct business-to-business model assessments after having fully mastered the issue. For this purpose, the party makes contact with the clients who want to remain “anonymous siz regardless of the difference. The main objective of the services is to provide a real and non-speculative business for the investor, and for the entrepreneur to act as an intermediary for the presentation of the works registered by Standards and Partners, while preventing the occurrence of press speculation and valuation manipulation in communication by taking the sensitivities of the parties into consideration. It is located.

Standards and Partners bring together different elements and successfully present the work of the parties in many areas where a corporate organization wishes to serve as a bridge.

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