Process Excellence (RPA + SnP Flow School)

Process Excellence (RPA + SnP Flow School)

Standard And Partners recognizes the importance of process excellence and prioritizes process excellence for agile and comfortable businesses.

Process excellence consists of three stages. These; Analysis, Decision Making and Design.

  • Analysis

In the first stage, the processes in the companies are analyzed with the Standards and Partners method.

After this analysis, the processes are redesigned as they should be.

The analysis process is carried out by analysts experienced in departments and processes, where the standard and partner expertise is used extensively.

  • Decision Making-Planning

The second stage is to decide how much of these processes can be digitized or not, and then to design the process architecture.

If the result of the current analysis is not a failure or digitalization is required in this process, the processes are first digitized by using SnP Flow Ekol.

When the processes are being completed, the first goal is the completion and completion of the digitalized processes by the robots.

  • Design

In the third stage, robots are designed to work on digitalized processes.

The philosophy of operation 4.0 to be implemented in these robots is designed for the company’s specific processes.

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