Watch Company – Understand (BI Reporting)

Watch Company – Understand (BI Reporting)

A large number of balance sheets, income statements, trial balance, profit and loss, cash flow have been used as a tool for many years that did not follow the activities of our business.

Standards and Partners have seen that technology is more visually comprehensible than numerical ways of understanding a business and has adapted its technology to it.

In another discourse, the period of comprehension of a business over numerical data in order to follow the results of its activities is closed.

The reason for this is that the human brain uses numerical data, balance sheets and income statements to analyze balance sheets, and according to the results of this analysis, it tries to comprehend the positive or negative aspects of the enterprise with mathematical and numerical values.

Where Standards and Partners technology comes from, instead of figures and numerical values, to understand a business and to understand the results of the activities to prioritize visual reporting.

Converts numerical values ​​to visual results for visual reporting application.

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